Very Professional
He took my case and got me a way better settlement than I expected. He kept me informed on my case and always returned my calls.

Posted by Anonymous
September 20, 2020

Great Attorney
When a Karen in Florida caused my life to be in danger by the police. Attorney Williams fought hard to get me a fast generous settlement. He kept me informed on my case and answered all my questions.

Posted by Anonymous
September 20, 2020

Great Job
I had an accident, he helped me out and did an amazing job doing so, I’d recommend him to anyone!

Posted by Anonymous
September 15, 2020

Best attorney ever
Robert was an amazing attorney. I highly recommend him. He worked diligently to make sure I was taken care of.

Posted by Kim
August 23, 2020

All Around Excellent Service
Mr.Williams was very professional,prompted service,and was always available to answer all my questions and concerns. He made the process for me and my family over all a pleasant experience. I would like to thank him once again for all of his hard work and I would definitely highly recommend or use him again if needed in the future!

Posted by Jerall
August 13, 2020

Committed Professional and Personable
I Hired Mr Williams late 2017 and from the beginning of the journey he instilled Confidence and expectation that he will get the job done and the case resolved in My favor. Three years later everything he told me would likely happen manifested in a DISMISSAL!
Mr Williams did an Outstanding Job in representing and negotiated the most convenient and cost effective terms. He personally called to update me on upcoming court dates, challenges and communications with the Prosecutor office.
He overcame minor obstacles gracefully and proved himself a skillful negotiator. Most important, He attended All of My court hearings. In court he was consistently cheerful, pleasant and sociable with everyone in the courtroom including people in the elevators.
He’s Naturally Charismatic, Charming and Poised. He has a Trustful, Nurturing spirit that made me feel I could leave children and elders in his care and not have a worry in the world.
Celebrity Bonus: In Person he has a near Identical resemblance to one of my favorite Funk Legends, RICK JAMES
I Highly recommend Attorney Robert Leanza Williams to Anyone in Need Of A Skilled. Personable. Competent Defense Lawyer.

Posted by Nolan
February 19th 2020

Accident claim
Fast, accurate, and extremely detail oriented. His legal advice on how to proceed legally, medically, and socially ensured that I got everything I deserved and everything I was eligible to obtain. I can’t thank him enough for helping me be made whole again.

Posted by Khary
February 7th 2020

Mr Williams was always their every step of the way anything I needed he was right on time with paper work , everything I highly recommend him I promise you he is going to get the job done.

Posted by Leoni Johnson
February 3rd 2020

Excellent elite Attorney
Mr. Williams represented me and my family at the last minute. Went and fought for me as if he knew me my whole life. He’s an excellent very knowledgeable attorney that I would refer to anyone. Great man!

Posted by Keva
January 17th 2020

Great Help
Very responsive with any questions I had. He was great at communicating details of my case to me and informing me of changes or updates in a timely manner. He was very personable and a joy to work with. I would highly recommend.

Posted by Anonymous
January 16th 2020

Hit the Jackpot with Mr. Williams
From the picture I knew I have the right lawyer to prosecute and restrained a racist, lousy, vindictive from hell Neighbor. Mr. Williams was very professional but also caring and kind. I have never had a lawyer to represent me before so I did not know what to expect. I was so very upset that I really didn’t know what questions that I needed to ask. Mr. Williams compassionate approach gave me the much needed direction and clarity to make sense of what we were facing. He was honest, calming and therefore made it possible for me to calm down enough to make a valid decision about what strategy to persecute that Nighbore from Hell.
We won the case and the Neighbor from hell is no longer harassing us. We consider him a friend. He’s a true professional and I would refer him to anyone that needs some calm in the midst of a storm.

Posted by Jamal
September 3rd 2019

Great attorney!
If you’re looking for an attorney, I highly recommend you hire him. I hired him for someone in jail and he did everything he could for the case. The outcome was great! Answers all questions you have for him via email or phone!

Posted by Taylor
March 20, 2019

Traffic Ticket
I was given a traffic ticket due to police discrimination (my opinion) so I refused to pay it. Robert helped me to settle it without any point or fine, just a warning.

Posted by Anonymous
November 16, 2018

From the very first telephone call Mr Williams was very professional but also caring and kind.. I was so very upset that I really didn’t know what questions that I needed to ask. Mr. Williams compassionate approach gave me the much needed direction and clarity to make sense of what we were facing. He was honest, calming and therefore made it possible for me to calm down enough to make a valid decision about what our family needed to do. Throughout the process he checked on us and let us know that he would be with us thru out the process. He’s a true professional and I would refer him to anyone that needs some calm in the midst of a storm.

Posted by Shirley
January 11, 2018

Home Owners Association (HOA) Past Dues
While in the military stationed overseas, my tenant paid the rent but neglected to forward my HOA notices. I unknowingly incurred a hefty HOA past due assessment exceeding $15K. Attorney Williams worked diligently in negotiating my fees to less than half the total. I’m so grateful to attorney Robert Williams, Jr! Semper Fi

Posted by Mr. Brown
December 14, 2017

Lawsuit Resolved and Dismissed
Helped a friend finance a car, they didn’t pay the note, responsibility fell back on me unfortunately and further the bank was coming after me aggressively with a law suit. Atty Williams, stepped in, quickly got the situation under control, fees reduced by over 1/2 with reasonable payment plan and ultimately law suit dismissed entirely. Could not have had better representation, this is the Atty you should have on your side!!! He is smart, and he is very professional.

Posted by LB
December 14, 2017

Great Attorney
Mr. Williams was very professional and produced results in a timely manner. He really does have the clients’ best interest at heart. I would recommend Mr. Williams to anyone who needs an attorney!

Posted by Tanesha
December 13, 2017

Professional & dependable !
Mr Williams was at every court date . He kept me updated on anything concerning my case , he got the case dismissed completely and kept in contact after the dismissal to answer any questions I had . I would recommend Him to everyone who wants real results from a hard working lawyer.

Posted by Anonymous
October 19, 2017

Attorney R. Leanz Williams, Jr. Review regarding an automobile accident claim.
Mr. Williams contacted the police department several times to obtain a copy of the police report. He also attempted to contact the perpetrator’s insurance company; but apparently had not insurance. This was not uncovered at the scene of the accident by the police, which spoke to the incompetence of the reporting officer. He communicated and negotiated with the driver of the car in which I was a passenger. He also negotiated with the hospital and ER where I was examined, immediately after the accident. He worked efficiently and effectively and always returned calls to me promptly. I would recommend and hire him again, if needed.

Posted by Cecilia
June 19, 2017

Excellent Experience
I had a great experience with Mr. Williams. He thoroughly worked through my case and kept me updated in all matters. I highly recommend Mr. Williams, for he genuinely cares about his clients.

Posted by Anonymous
June 14, 2017

A Real Professional
Mr. Williams evaluated the evidence and developed a defense that led to a favorable outcome via a well constructed settlement. Instead of pleading to felony charges, the settlement setup a probationary period for misdemeanors which will be removed from the records at the conclusion of a satisfactory probation period.

Posted by Anonymous
November 1, 2016

Experienced Lawyer
Robert did an unbelievable job! A blessing to my family. A family member was charged with trafficking with intent. Facing 5 years. And he was able to get the charge down to possession, serving less time. Truly a blessing! Great personality, and very professional!

Posted by Kiara
October 27, 2016

Excellent Job on DUI
Atty Williams is extremely knowledgeable and really takes time to make sure you are understand each step of the process. I’ve had multiple DUI yet Atty Williams was able to get my charges reduced. Im so grateful, I have had other attorneys before, who failed to show any compassion or respect for the money I spent on represensation, but Atty Williams is just the opposite and really stands by his slogan of giving you a second chance when something bad happens.

Posted by Bobby
October 26, 2016

Highly Professional Solutions Oriented Attorney
I have personally know Attorney Williams for quite some time. Having witnessed his in depth level of preparation, professionalism and pro- active advocacy through out the years. I felt very comfortable referring several clients to Mr. Williams in the areas of criminal and civil defense, as varied as juvenile arrest, to automobile accident claims. Those clients spoke very positively regarding his attention to detail, his willingness to listen, and his ability to craft a solution where they could move on with their lives. Attorney Williams got results and I as a fellow attorney I feel very comfortable referring future cases to him.

Posted by Julian
October 26, 2016

Excellent, Dedicated and Professional
Based on my firsthand observation of Attorney Robert Williams performance over the duration of representing me, I believe that Attorney Williams is fully devoted to performing excellently. Attorney Williams has a honest and positive personality that makes him a joy to work with.
At the same time, he displays a wealth of knowledge and an caring mindset, and he exceeded expectations in his role at the Law Office; I expect that he will continue to provide the same services to future clients.

Thank you Attorney Robert Williams, you are greatly appreciated.

Posted by Angell
April 11, 2016

Excellent Services
I had the pleasure of retaining Mr. Williams for a criminal case back in September 2014. Mr. Williams is definitely an hand on attorney who take pride in his clients in getting the best possible results. I would definitely refer his firm to anybody who need a good attorney.

Posted by Sharon
March 28, 2016

You Gave Me A Second Chance…
About two years ago I allowed myself to get sucked into an environment that was nothing BUT trouble for me. Thanks to you, I am able to sleep better, actually eat, and most importantly enjoy and continue on with my life outside of a jail cell. I’d recommend you to anyone in the Atlanta area after getting my case dismissed and also keeping me informed of every aspect throughout this journey. I felt comfortable speaking with you and was extremely confident that you were doing your part in the outlining of my future. Thank you so much for allowing me a chance to make better decisions and advising me through that hard time!!!!

Posted by Shanelle
March 28, 2016

By far the most caring and competent lawyer
Rob represented me for many cases that I was facing. One dealt with my dog getting out from our fenced yard and hurting another dog. In the court house, Rob spoke to the plaintiffs and suggested a resolution which would make them whole. Not only did they accept the resolution, the case was handled prior to the docket even being called. The judge accepted the agreement and the case was closed.

Posted by Herve
March 24, 2016

Another case was traffic related. I suspected that the ticket issuing police officer wasn’t totally honest about the incident and had accused me of violating numerous traffic laws. I was facing close to $1000 in fines and fees and not mention having points added on my driver’s license which would drive up my insurance cost. By the time Rob finished with the case, I only had to pay $100 in fines and had no points added to my driving record.

Rob is so skillful at resolving issues and problems that I would recommend him to everyone who find themselves facing any type of legal problems regardless of the seriousness of the matter. He genuinely cares about what potentially can happen to you and seeks the best possible outcome. He is by far one of the most caring and competent lawyer serving people facing legal battles and winning in a long long time.

He got the job done
I had an issue were a bank was suing me over a debt that I had already paid. They wouldn’t listen to me and kept pushing on. I hired attorney Williams and he got them to back off and send me a letter stating that I was paid in full. He got the job done.

Posted by anonymous
May 6, 2014

The best of the best!
I had to do a drug rehabilitation program after getting out of prison. The program required me to do in-patient treatment. After reviewing my case, Mr. Williams felt that I could get out patient treatment so I could be with my family. We appealed the decision for the case requesting out patient treatment. The courts denied the motion. I had given up hope when Mr. Williams told he would appeal it again. I thought it was a dead issue. To my surprise surprised the second motion was granted. This guy is good and I recommend him to anyone who needs justice.

Posted by anonymous
April 20, 2013

Excellent service and follow through
I consulted with Robert on two cases in Georgia and found him to be very knowledge, accessible and professional. Robert reviewed my legal documents for incorporation of an LLC in the State of Georgia, operating and partnership agreements.

Posted by Kevin
April 14, 2013